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Successful Project Management and Deal-Making with Intralinks Data Room

In the progressive world of modern technologies, all the spheres of human life, including business, are computerized. Therefore, instead of traditional physical deal rooms, people started using online platforms. Intralinks is one of appreciated and longest-existing virtual data room service providers that is characterized by simplicity of use, transparency of costs and dependability of services.

The primary attention of Intralinks VDR is put on streamlining the process of due diligence. The online data room contains several options that facilitate easy document uploading and sharing. Dedicated applications support mobile access, so users can get the same functionality and protection of every aspect of cooperation.

Considering the safety of services Intralinks offers, it is inevitable to mention advanced protection of PDF and Office files. Two-factor authentication, data encryption, dynamic watermarks, and other issues help guarantee maximal security of all the documents within the deal room. An easy-to-navigate platform and helpful support minimize the challenges for new users. Due to 24/7 customer service, optional training, and consultations, Intralinks is the best virtual data room provider for enterprises that have complex management needs and data storage challenges.

Intralinks Review

For almost two decades, Intralinks Data Room has been providing clients with platforms and tools for safe data storage, sharing, and management. The cloud-based data room is available for various companies and organizations, irrespective of their size and direction. According to the reviews of previous data room users, Intralinks operated numerous data centers with redundant power, connectivity and networking each. Besides, the platform is suitable for the most different types of deals, including intellectual rights management, support of financial compliance, drug development regulations, mobile platforms, Adobe and Microsoft applications, and others.

The granular access controls guarantee a high level of Intralinks virtual data room security. Anyway, the vendor offers one of the most trusted and highly appreciated solutions that support strategic alliances and financial transactions all around the world. Additionally, the deal room is perfect for small, but sensitive projects.